Meet the machine

  • Symbol of Innovation: The Porsche LMG GT No. 2 embodies innovation and a commitment to breaking boundaries. Its revolutionary design, adorned with symbolic leather straps, represents a new era in motorsport.

    Immersive AR Experience:This project offers an immersive AR experience. Use your mobile device to witness the car's liberation from its symbolic restraints through the embedded QR code in the print.

  • Embrace LMG's Vision: Join a movement dedicated to promoting empowerment and strength in competitive sports. Engage with the story and values of LMG GT No. 2.

    Exclusive Fine Art Print and proof of ownership: The limited edition Fine Art Print is carefully crafted and comes with an additional wall bracket for easy mounting. To proof
    ownership of the limited edition, you can claim an additional collectible/NFT to every Artwork.

  • Supporting Empowerment:
    By purchasing the Fine Art Print, you contribute to self-determination and independence in racing while raising awareness about gender inequality between men and women. It's a powerful statement how art and immersive technology can empower athletes and overcome social challenges.

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LMG GT No. 2

Unlock the power of innovation with our limited edition masterpiece, the LMG GT No.2 - "RACE

By purchasing one of the 70x100 cm artworks, limited to 718 pieces, you acquire a unique design
object, making a powerful statement on strength in sports, enhanced with the latest technology.

Burnout Candle

This unique candle in the shape of the Porsche 718 Cayman is not only a design piece, but above all a strong message.
In LMG's racing car design, symbolic leather straps are visible under the motto "Race Your Voice" that "bind" the racing car. The lightly scented candle is a must-have for every motorsport enthusiast who admires the iconic sports car.